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Step 1. The first thing you do (if you don’t want to subscribe) is to create an Organization. Click in the lower right corner.

Step 2. Register your Organization, eg. your school, preschool, class. Remember your password that you need to be able to log in again.

Step 3. You have now created an Organization.To be able to register students, you must have a license key. Click Licenses at the top right.

Step 4. Write or paste your license key that you have received on email and register. Select whether you want to activate the key now or later.

Step 5. Now you can register a student with email address and password. Give the user all the information on a paper for an individual login.

Step 6. Log out the organization and log in the user. It’s time to start “playing” by going to the settings and creating exercises.

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If you are a private person, you must first start a subscription before you can start the program.Then you can use the program for free for 14 days.If you are an organization or a school, you may have ordered a license through which you activate under ”Organization”NOTE! Enable ”full screen mode” if you use the web version in Chrome (F11)
On the login page, the organization is created with students and administrators. When this is done, this page is used for login of students/ administrators.
Register your organization here. Each organization/school has a unique email address and password. The password must be at least 6 characters long. The information can be changed in Settings.
Each student has a unique email address and password. The password must be at least 6 characters long. The same goes for registering new administrators.
When the subscription is approved or when students have been added to the organization/school, just click on Play. An organization/school can log out on this page to log in to a new student or administrator.
By marking in the boxes, different exercises (books) are created. You create books with different paths when you mark and save “What you already know” and “What I want to learn”. You can always go back and change your settings, remove and add paths. When the settings are saved, you are navigated to the home page.
The administrator settings provide information about all students and information about their results. Click at the top right “Licenses” to register a license key and get information about licenses. With the plus signs, students or teachers can be added. With the “gear wheel”, you can manage each student, look at the student’s statistics etc.
As an administrator, you can delete a student, reset the student’s passwords or access the student’s results by opening the statistics page. Here comparisons can be made between the students over time.
Here you activate licenses by clicking on “Activate”. You can also see for how long a license is valid. The license key is delivered by email when ordering at and can be pasted by clicking on the plus sign.
Here you register the license key you received in connection with the subscription purchase from The key can be copied and pasted. After that you can choose whether the license should be activated now or later.
With many selections in the box “What I already Know”, fewer books are created, with exercises that have varying content and combinations. With many selections in the box “What I Want to Learn”, more books are created, one book for each selection, but with fewer variations. With the button “App Sound” you can turn off all the sounds except the ones that belongs to the exercises.
At the bottom of the book you can see the amount of exercises you have made and how many stars you have. Click the name in the upper right corner to log out, see statistics or navigate to the settings. The book with the plus symbol gives you the opportunity to create your own exercises.
A course consists of 100 exercises with different random objects and with increased difficulty. Each exercise contains 4 - 13 rounds. If all of them are correct, you keep your stars. If you make a mistake, the number will be reduced to the lowest a star. You can change lanes to get all the stars.
The program randomizes an exercise based on your choices. Match the upper source to the objects in the lower source. Repeat the video and the audio in the upper source by clicking it. If you want to repeat a video or a sound in the lower source, you must first point on an empty area on the screen. If you then click on a video or sound again, the item is selected. Text and image are selected at the first click.
Depending on your choice, the exercise starts with some random media that you have chosen to practice. To answer exercises with pictures or text, click the box once.
In the exercises that contain video or audio, you must click twice to answer. At the first click, the sequence is played. At the next click on the same box you respond or click another box to play that sequence. Repeat a sequence by clicking outside the box and then again on the same box.
Once the exercise is completed you can see how you succeeded and how many stars you received. You also see the chosen objects and how many times they have been used. By pointing the button at the bottom you start another exercise on the same course. You can continue with a new exercise or tap the back arrow to select another course.
When you have finished a course with 100 exercises, this sign appears. You can choose to try to capture all stars that remain or start a new path.
The statistics page can be opened by the student on the Books page in the program or by the teacher who is the administrator on the Administrator page. Results can be analyzed from all the exercises in the different “courses”. The lower part of the statistics page shows the results from “Own exercise”. These results can be reset in the Administrator mode for each student or with one click on the Trash.
On the graphical curve you can open the book you have used, point on the “peaks” to get detailed information. “The hardest objects” shows a picture of the objects that have been difficult to find the right answers to. The more errors the higher the figure below the image.
Choose which medium you want to practice. You can select one or more and also match the same medium. If you want to practice letter images, select Read against Read, if you want to practice in sign language, select Sign language against Sign language.
When you have selected the media and objects to be matched in an exercise, these are saved automatically. That´s why it´s a good idea to e.g. prepare an exercise at school and continue at home on another computer. You can use any computer that has Chrome as a web browser or sign in with the iPad.
You can choose to display 2, 4 or 6 items on the screen simultaneously. You also choose the number of rounds that an exercise should contain.
There are more than 50 different categories to choose from. Click or tap a text to open a category, click again to close. You can also write an object name directly in the search box. Click on ”Clear” to return to all category texts.
The upper part of the window shows how many items you must choose at least, but you can choose more if you want. You select your work objects by pointing on the different category texts and then click the images. Deselect an item by clicking again. You can clear all images with the ”Clear Selected” button at the bottom of the screen. Start an exercise with a click on Next.
By entering an object´s name in the window, you can do a search and select an item. Finish the search by tapping ”Clear” on the right side of the search window and the program will navigate back to ”Object Selection”. With ”Next” you start the exercise.
When you have completed an Own Exercise, this page appears with three choices at the bottom of the page. You can select “Continue” and do another exercise, jump to “Object selection” or exit the exercise with the “Back to Books” button. In the Results view you can see how the latest exercise has been completed, how many right answers you got on the first attempt in percent and which items were the most difficult. You get the wreaths around the pictures when you have answered correctly several times on the first attempt. After 3 rights you get a wreath in bronze, after 5 right ones in silver and after 10 rights a wreath in gold

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