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Here are some selected views from Yes I Can to illustrate some of the programs.

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The exercise involves identifying the selected exersice item and match it with the selected matching item. Answer by clicking/touching the matching item or dragging the ring over a matching item when you know the answer.

The Start profile is intended as a customized suggestion for exercises for different types of users and needs. This profile can be customized several times as long as no one is logged in, and can also be changed under Settings.

Here is an exercise where you should try to match the sign language to finger spelling. Erika, a sign language actor, is deaf from birth and born in the United States. In Yes I Can, you can choose from 1,000 different videos with sign language or fingerspelling.

This Main menu is divided into four different categories: Exercises, Items, Exercise Settings, and Users. There are many settings behind each categorie such as "Game Mode" where you set the severity rate and "Restrictions" where you can lock view parts of the program. "Answering Options" gives you several different options to handle the exercises

Example from the Item Selection

Choose category: Drag the text up/down and so that the desired category is between the lines. The items in the selected category are displayed under Choose items. You can also click a text to select a category. Use the grey arrows to move the selection up or down.
Select an entire category: With a user logged in, you can select an entire category by clicking the text between the lines. You can also click a text to select a category. Use the grey arrows to move the selection up or down. Select an entire category: With a user logged in, you can select an entire category by clicking the text between the lines. The entire category is displayed and stored.
Choose item: The item selected in the Choose items box is automatically saved as it is transferred. My saved items can contain up to 80 items. Use the arrow buttons to move five images at a time to the left or right.

Here you should read and try to match the text to a picture.

 If it is difficult to find the matching item, you can navigate to My Items. There you can see all current items in the exercise and get the help you need to answer correctly.

You have the option to match an exercise. You can make additional selections, e.g. reading with the sound on or off, spelling and reading in lower case or upper case, and illustrations using photos or cartoons. If you want to change the language of the fingerspelling or spelling, for example, you can do this under language support settings.

This example shows an exercise where you shall match the photograph to any sign language video.

In the program, 5 different users can be registered and saved with each user's settings. In Manage Users, you can open the exercise protocol that shows how the user has succeeded.

 An example of a reading exercise where the text should be matched to a photograph. With the gray button in the upper right corner, you can enable language support and navigate to My Items.

There are different settings for how to get help during the exercises. For example, you can get speaker support for videos, texts and reading exercises.

 To spell a word or a short sentence can be problematic for a beginner. There is a lot of help available in the spelling module. For example, you can start to spell just one letter in a word or let the computer show the spelling with sound.
 Josh is our lipreading actor. You can practice silent lip-reading or with sound. In this exercise, the corresponding speaker should be found among the speakers. Simple for some but difficult for others.
 You can activate different encouraging praise and credits and also collect diamonds to access all games. Once enough points are reached, you will end up in the game console.

Here's how to read the mouth movements to understand what Josh says. Then click the image that you think matches.

 There are different games that you may use when the results start to show. When you have collected 1000 diamonds you will have access to all 20 games.